Looking for  alternate education options for your children?

School PODs provide in person education delivered by professional, accredited educators in a family’s or educator’s learning space.

Offered to small groups of 5 to 8, School Pods works with homeschool families to enhance curriculum and deliver a professional educational experience. Ideal for families seeking alternative, individualised education options for their Pre-K to 12 children.

Anytime. Set your own calendar!

Rolling Admissions, apply anytime!

School PODs teachers deliver more than just the required curriclum. Individualised, co-curricular, project based learning that engages students. 

All the advantages of in person individualized education plus the online learning community of School PODs educators.

Accredited and experienced educators specialized in bespoke curriculum design and learning strategies.

School PODs works with POD parents to help them shape an educational philosophy that reflects the values of parents while meeting the needs of provincial and state regulations.

Educational approach

School PODs is founded by educators with years of experience in public and private education.  We know first hand that learning happens in different modes, frameworks, and physical spaces.  While the traditional big-box model offered by most public and private schools may be a good fit for many families, the School PODs model offers homeschool families and young learners exciting alternatives to the traditional school experience.

Look what our teachers say

“Teaching my POD of 6 middle school kids is the an amazing experience, for me and my students. I am able to work one on one with each student when needed and we move forward at a much faster pace than a traditional class of 25-30 students.  This affords us time to explore topics in more depth.  Colaboration between students of different grade levels in my cross graded POD is amazing and such a positive experience for all.”

Andrea Markus

School PODs Teacher

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