A new way to learn,

A new way to teach

School PODs provides in person education and quality care delivered by professional, experienced educators at a family’s or educator’s home.  Offered in small groups  of 5 to 8, School PODs are perfect for homeschool families seeking alternative education options for their Pre-K to Grade 12 children.  


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HomeSchool with Professional Teachers

School PODs provides the educational and administrative infrastructure required to operate a professional at homeschool learning environment for small groups of students.  For families looking to join or form a POD, we help you to connect with existing PODs or assist with creating a new POD while providing ongoing support for every student, their families, and School POD educators.

Why School PODS 

Individualized, custom built learning.

Big box education works for many but not for all. Today more families are looking for alternative modes to educate their children.

Reflects family and parental values

School PODS recognizes differences in educational philosophies and shapes the program to reflect the pod parents wishes.

Personalized School Calendar

Each School POD determines the nature of the school calendar and year.  Who says school has to be 9-3 Monday to Friday?

Professional Support & Resources

The School PODs resource network of professional educators is available to teachers, parents and students. 

Safe, Secure, and Connected

The School PODs community uses the latest technology to connect PODs, share experiences and learn from guest teachers.

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